Hello and welcome to my portfolio

You will find all my work and resources, feel free to like, tweet or plus 1 my site! If you need anything, just drop me a mail ;)

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UI Design

I love desigining Ui Kits, if you would like me to design one for you just shout

Icons & Buttons

Icons & buttons, yip designing those is another favourite of mine

Business Cards

Have a look in my gallery to view all the business cards I'v designed

Web Development

Yip, I do web development as well!

Final Update!!

Whats about to happen?

I'll be launching my new website pretty soon :) I am in the process of archiving my old work, and will only be having a handfull of work on the site.

What I can do

About Me

I am a 26 year old web designer and developer. I have a passion for design and I also believe that the design and development process is a unique and important one and should be taken serious but at the same time you should also have fun and love what you do!

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Flat File Icon Set

Set of 51 flat file icons made in Adobe Photoshop, comes with a perfectly organized PSD file making it easy to modify & expand.